Tuesday, 29 November 2011

30 WaYs To ATtain HaPPineSS

Ponder & give thanks
The past is gone!
Today is yours
Leave the future until it comes
coping with wicked criticism
Don't await thanks from anybody
Being nice to others is the heart's comfort
Occupying spare time with work

Don't be sycophant
Qadaa and Qadar
Certainly, with hardship, there is relief
Make a pleasant drink from the lemon

Is not he who responds to the distressed one, when he calls him?
Stay in your house!
Recompense is from ALLAH!
Eemaan Is life
Squeeze the honey but break not the hive
Verily in the remembrance of ALLAH do minds find rest
Or do they envy men for what ALLAH has bestowed them of his bounty?
Face life as it is

Take consolation from the stricken
The Prayer.....the prayer
ALLAH is sufficient for us and is the best disposer of affairs
Say : " Travel in the land"
Patience is beautiful
Do not place the globe on your head
Don't be ignited by petty things

Be contented with what ALLAH has given you;
You will be the richest of the people
Remind yourself of the paradise, the width of which is as that of the
heaven and earth
So, we made you a just nation    

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